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Peter Margonelli

Peter Margonelli began his career as an experimental filmmaker, earning a BFA in film from New York University. This solid foundation in the art of creating story led Peter to his true passion, photography, and the challenge to incorporate sound, narrative and movement in one still frame.

Within the design community, Peter is widely recognized for his interior photography and the skillful manipulation of natural light to produce luminous interiors for global publication.
Peter Margonelli was recently invited to participate in the Helsinki Photography Biennial in March of 2012. In June of 2012 Invisible Geographies was featured with two other Chinese photographers work at the Blindspot Gallery in Hong Kong in a show that explored divergent views of the city.
He currently lives and works in New York City

About the work:
In the architectural and landscape section the blurred images reflect Peter’s fascination with the moment frozen in time: movement captured in its essential stillness. His images of fleeting landscapes and fossilized horizons employ the camera to work against its own logic to reveal illusion. By evoking the potent alchemy of nostalgia, melancholy and solitude. In a recent installation of landscapes a reviewer wrote: “Peter has created worlds within worlds and poetry in motion” .