Circle 62, 36" x 36"

Takefumi Hori

Takefumi Hori was born in 1978 in Tokyo, Japan where he also later studied Japanese calligraphy. After moving to New York in 2004, he started work on his abstract paintings with acrylic on canvas. Since 2009, Takefumi has been making his gold abstract paintings.
He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

The main subject of my paintings is the energy of New York City. It is the atmosphere and energy of the people who seek success in NYC that has inspired me to paint since I moved to New York from Japan in 2006. This overlaps with my desire and ambition to be successful in the art world. To express that energy and desire, I adopted gold as a material for my paintings. Decorative Art from the 18th and 19th centuries and high-end fashion goods are inspirational sources to my work; as objects of desire, they represent one’s sophistication, success and status in society.
My techniques of painting are broadened and encouraged by these sophisticated designs. Layering gold and paint, scratching and scraping the surface, and mixing various kinds of gold creates visual depth in my paintings, and reflects light in different ways depending on the angle of view. Through my experiments with painting, I have found that compositional elements such as circles, squares and rectangles are ideal forms for gold to work with other colors. My compositions of these elements are based on my experience with Japanese calligraphy: I place the center of visual weight to the lower left and create movement to the upper right of a canvas. This is to represent my intention of merging Eastern art traditions with Western art.